Thursday, November 13, 2008

American Voters Piss Off DEA

On November 6th, voters in five states passed 10 of the 11 initiatives that lessened the penalties associated with marijuana possession or allowed for its use for medicinal reasons.

A full run-down has been compiled by the good folks at the Marijuana Policy Project.

Take that DEA!

Hopefully this overwhelming show of support against your rights-restricting, un-winnable policies will cause you to rethink your actions. And if your conscience doesn't cause you to step down, hopefully continued opposition to your mission will cause your funding will dry up (and don't worry, us freedom fighters will continue to speak out against your un-Constitutional money-generating use of asset forfeiture).


Todd said...

Hell yeah! It is about damn time that the war on drugs come to an end.

The unfortunate thing is that a lot of conservatives support the drug war whole heartedly. It truly disappoints me because conservatives are for limited government as well.

Although I am extreme for most people, I think all drugs should be legalized, at least have some sense and end the prohibition on one of the most fantastic, versatile, and benign plants on the planet!

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are hypocrites.